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5 Blues Chords You Must Learn!

Guitar Journal April 2016: This time around I’m talking about the rhythm side of the picture. You’ll learn a few of the less-typical voicings used in blues comping. Many of

Delta Blues Style Fingerpicking Lesson Pt2: 6ths Diads & Chromatic Moves

Used the Fender CP100 Parlor guitar. Loving that little plucker. See the review here:… and get yourself one here: Another look at the “thumping thumb” blues in Delta

Silent Night – Easy Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Arrangement

Get the PDF (Tab and Lesson) here: Don’t miss “O Christmas Tree” Here: And as a great present (to yourself or others!) for further study, our “Chord &

Delta Blues Style Fingerpicking Lesson – “Thumping bass” and melody

This month is an introduction to blues fingerpicking in the Delta blues style – thumping those bass notes and picking melody notes on top.

3 Weird Country Guitar Licks

Here are some “weird” country guitar licks that use chromatic motion to give them their odd sound. Like us on Facebook, send a message to get the tab and backing

Rockabilly / Swing Style Solo – Scales & Note Choice Lesson

Back again with another 12-bar solo. This time I go into more detail on note choice in the video, as requested by some YouTube viewers. I hope the info is

Blues In A Hybrid Picking Lick & Lead Guitar Tips

Here is the tab for the hybrid picking lick: Keep an eye on our “Guitar Pedals” page – the fuzz I used in the video, called “The Humdinger” will be

Rockabilly / Country Guitar “Ending Lick” w/ Chord Lesson

Here’s the PDF with the tab for the lick and all those “ending chords” tabbed out. Memorize those chords made by stacking the pentatonic scale and transpose them to other

8th Note Upbeats for Rhythm Guitar – For Beginners to Intermediate

Here’s a lesson to help get you playing away from the basic downbeat. Learn to switch chords an 8th note earlier or later to create a more “relaxed” or “pushy”

Shred Alert!

The September Guitar Journal is a siiiiick shred lick ;0) along with some tips on working economy/sweep picking into your regular playing. Tabs can be downloaded here:

2-5-1 Voice Leading For Jazz Guitar (ii-V-I) Getting Away From Block Chords

This post is an in-depth look at a major ii-V-I chord progression, and how to create chord voicings that move more smoothly from chord to chord than the typical “block”

Fast Cascading Open String Telecaster Lick / Brad Paisley Style

This month’s first video (there are more in the works) is a fast pentatonic-based lick in A. Hybrid picking is the easiest way to perform it, but if your string

Yamaha Pacifica / Fender Strat (etc.) Tremolo Setup Tips

I’ve added a short video on “tremolo” setup for Strat-style guitars. It’s so important to get the vibrato set in the sweet spot where tuning is stable but you have

12 Bar Blues Solo in E Rockabilly/Country/Swing Style

For May 2013 I’ve cooked up a smokin’ swing style guitar solo for you to dig in to. It’s 4 choruses of a 12 bar blues in E, and pays

Git Yer Twang On!

Here is the PDF with notation/tabs for this month’s Guitar Journal entry – Click Here To Download     __________________________________________________________________________

Insane Country / Shred Guitar Lick

This a a blues scale (with added maj 6th!) lick that I yoinked from a Phil X youtube video. If you don’t know who Phil X is, then check out

“O Christmas Tree” Easy Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement (Tablature Available)

For the December 2012 Guitar Journal entry, I have created an “easy” jazz guitar arrangement of the traditional song “O Christmas Tree”. For jazz players, this arrangement is easy, but

Introduction To Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar – “Mystery Train” & “Folsom Prison Blues” Style

This month’s entry is aimed at beginning to intermediate players, and shows you how to get a rhythm part rolling along in the style of “Mystery Train” and “Folsom Prison

How to Play Simple Guitar Fills – Acoustic Flatpicking Lesson

This month’s lesson is to help you bridge the gap between rhythmic and melodic playing. This one is a real simple example using just two chords; back and forth from

Country Guitar Lick in E with Hybrid Picking & Open Strings

Thanks for tuning in again after our long summer pause. I’m starting off the fall with a lick to really challenge your hybrid picking and swing 8th notes … it’s

June 2012 Guitar Journal – Part 3/3: Surf Guitar Melody Note-by-note

Sorry about the delay in adding this video to the blog! Here’s part three, and below are links to download the tune and a practice track (the rhythm part without

June 2012 Guitar Journal – Part 2/3: Surf Rhythm Guitar Ideas

Part 2 of 3 of this month’s Guitar Journal entry looks at some of the surf guitar idioms and is aimed at beginning-intermediate players, but may offer some interesting perspectives

June 2012 Guitar Journal – Part 1/3: Fender Strat Tremolo Setup Tip & Surf Song

Summer is on the way, and that means it’s time for surf music; not political, not controversial, just good mood, energy, and fun guitar licks. This month’s “Guitar Journal” is

Creating Guitar Harmony Lines based on a Chord Progression & Ebow Tips

This Guitar Journal entry is somewhat longer, and covers creating two-note harmonies based on your underlying chord progression. I also talk about using the ebow, and give some hints on

Basic Banjo Roll style arpeggio for Guitar (slow) – D “Open String Scale”

Here’s another application for scales using open strings on the guitar. In this case, the ringing open strings create a very harp- or piano like impression in the arpeggio. Hmm…

Telecaster Chicken Pickin’ Lick w/ Open String Scale in C

This month, both guitar journal entries are about using open strings to play scales. This entry gives you a fast lick to practice, making use of a C scale starting

Swing Jazz Guitar Rhythm & Solo – “Six Appeal” by Charlie Christian Pt.2

Thanks again for visiting the Guitar Journal. This is part two of this month’s posts about the tune “Six Appeal”. You got some background last time around, so now we

Swing Jazz Guitar Rhythm & Solo – “Six Appeal” by Charlie Christian part1

Charlie Christian’s solo on Benny Goodman’s “Six Appeal” is a must-know bit of guitar history. Not only was Charlie Christian the first electric guitar soloist, his playing still smokes when

Telecaster Chicken Pickin’ Lick & Travis Style Rhythm (Part 2)

Here is the second part of the entry from last month. I’ll put up another post later this month – the energy is now going into the recording tips for

Rhythm Practice for Beginners: A New Strumming Pattern for your Repertoire

Here’s a lesson for those of you who are learning your chords and strumming patterns. For those of you with just a few chords under your belt, this example is

Telecaster Chicken Pickin’ Lick & Travis Style Rhythm (Part 1)

Sorry for the wait! Here is the January post for the guitar journal. This is meant for intermediate to advanced players, so please see the next post if you are

Harmonizing a Melody – Blues Turnaround Example

The new site is officially launched on Dec. 15th, 2011 – thanks for visiting! Along with the new site, I’ll be adding some free guitar lessons in this blog.