Apr 12 2012

A Tutorial Video on “How To Create Tutorial Videos” – Using Pro Tools, Quicktime, and a Behringer Xenyx 302 USB mixer

Getting set up to create these “screen capture” style tutorial videos was a pain in the interface. It might seem simple in comparison to dealing with 24 channels of audio inputs and multiple interfaces when tracking a band recording, but it was a special challenge! There are a lot of screen capture programs for mac out there, but most of them could get me tapped into the audio output of Pro Tools successfully. That was the trick… I needed to have another mixer “above” (so to speak) all the other audio involved in creating the video that would capture a stereo mix of the audio involved, and record it with the video. First, the completed video:

Sure, I could have used an additional recorder, independent of the computer I am working on, but that would add several steps more to the process. Continue reading