Germanium Fuzz & Boost – Dual Pedal of LOVE

**Available here starting January 2022 – Pre-order link below**

Yes indeed, folks, the next JDM Pedal is here. Our “Vindicator” MK2 Fuzz & Boost has been a favorite for quite a few years, and we recently landed a nice stash of vintage Germanium transistors. I had the design itch, and got talking pedal talk with Alex at Orphan Guitars in Brooklyn, NY…  We came up with the feature set he was looking for and the vintage Germanium tone he was craving, and BOOM we had the black powder bomb of fuzztone love that is the Bliss Bomb.

This pedal is exclusively available at Orphan Guitars  for the rest of 2021, after which we’ll offer them on our JDM Pedals site. This follows our new concept of working with brick and mortar music shops to create something unique and exclusively available at their shop. In 2021, you can get every piece of gear anywhere, and we’ve lost the magic of popping into the local shop to see if there’s some cool new piece of gear to inspire you. We’d like to bring that back. So if you have a brick and mortar Music shop and want to take part in this, drop us a line. Tell me what you’d like to hear come out of a funky cool box of dirt in your shop. I’m keen to create some gear that’s worth talking about.

The Bliss Bomb features:

  • All vintage Germanium transistors, our “Elektrika” circuit, custom tuned to this dual pedal, a Rangemaster-style Ge Boost with “range” EQ adjustment and “Top Cut” switch, groovy black powder coating, silkscreened enamel graphics, Lumberg jacks & switches, entirely hand-wired and made with LOVE!

Write to me – let’s dream up something for your shop and get some funky skunky fuzzy groovy sounds out into the world.

– joe / jdm pedals