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“No Vibrato, No Bends, No Slides!” – Thrown Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Throwing It All Away To Find It Again Before I ran into some (luckily fixable) health issues recently, I had been working full throttle on both JDM Pedals and recording/mixing/rehearsing the new


Blues Solo Etudes – Position Studies: Lesson 3 of 5 “A Shape” 12th Position

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Blues Etudes - Position 3: "A Shape" On to the 3rd installment as we get even further out harmonically... Taking a teaspoon of inspiration from the lines of John Coltrane, we work in


5 Watt Tube Combo Shootout: Vox AC4, VHT Special 6, Laney Cub, Tubemeister 5, Valve Junior, Career by Felleretta

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We tested six 5 Watt all tube combo amps. They each have their unique sound, and are great for small gigs, rehearsals, and studio work. These models won't break the bank, you may find that

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