This Guitar Journal entry is somewhat longer, and covers creating two-note harmonies based on your underlying chord progression. I also talk about using the ebow, and give some hints on getting the notes to sound consistently.

For your reference, the example chord progression used is C – E min – Fmaj7#11 – Em – C – Em – D/F# – G

Thanks again for visiting, hope you dig the lesson. – joe

For those interested, the guitar is the Hofner Colorama – a VERY cool guitar. It plays a lot like an SG, but with a somewhat brighter tone. The pedals are the Boss DD-7 and the Behringer Vintage Distortion, which is a cheap but very good clone of the EH Big Muff. The ebow is a must-have toy for all guitarists! If you dig the lessons, and are interested in the ebow or those pedals, please use our links below to order – it supports the Guitar Journal without costing you anything. Of course, you can also donate or order a DVD to help me keep the free lessons coming.

Ebow Plusebow Electronic Bow For Guitar

Behringer VD1 Vintage Distortion Pedal

Boss Dd-7 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal