If you’ve ordered up our JDM Pedals “NPN Germanium Transistor Kit” (or have your own selection), then you’re ready to build some smokin’ pedal circuits. For the Tonebender Mk2, try lower gain (60-80 Hfe) in Q1 and Q2, and an AC130 in Q3 (they have a bit more leakage, which is good in this position) with a slightly higher gain range (Hfe 90-120).

Generally, this circuit is quite high gain, so Hfe of 60-80 in all positions will work just fine. If you find it is far too fuzzy, especially with humbucking/high output pickups, try some series resistance at the input and/or even lower gain transistors!

Here’s the layout as a PDF: Tonebender MK2 NPN Transistor Layout joedocmusic

Drop comments below if you have questions! cheers, joe