Here are our ebook courses!

They have been become very popular on Ebay and Amazon, and I have just improved the formatting and expanded the text in them for 2015.
Each course is a wealth of info, tips, and tricks on guitar playing (and recording, in that ebook). I’ve lowered the price to just $10 each.
Go ahead and order – you will be surprised at what these techniques will do for you!

They are all in PDF format – if you would like Kindle, Mobi, etc., please contact me and I can provide you the requested format.

Free eBooks

All The Notes Of The Guitar

A Reference for Every Guitarist! Grouped into Keys, starting in C/Amin

Download Pdf

C6 Lap Steel: All The Notes

A useful PDF reference as you learn, ready for printing.

Download Pdf

Intro To Country Guitar Hybrid Picking

From our YouTube video; link inside the PDF!

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