This month’s first video (there are more in the works) is a fast pentatonic-based lick in A. Hybrid picking is the easiest way to perform it, but if your string skipping chops are up, you can probably flatpick it. The pattern can be moved around the fingerboard to create more dissonance in the open string notes for a very “Brad Paisley style” sound. Here is the tab for the lick:

E |–4s-5————-0————————-|————————————||
B |———8p-5—————-0—————|———————————–||
G |—————-8——8p-7—–5h-6——-|–0——————————–||
D |——————————————-7–|—————0———–(7)—–||
A |———————————————–|——-7p-6——3s-4————||
E |———————————————–|—————————-(5)—-||