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The Guitar Journal is a blog of the free monthly videos I post on YouTube. Here you can pick up some guitar licks, theory lessons, and other goodies that I have excerpted from my DVDs or created for this blog. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be kept up to date on new videos, and here on the site I often add tabs or worksheets to round out the video lesson. Have fun, and drop me a comment if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see.

The Great Pleasures

The Great Pleasures in Music I apologize for not posting Guitar Journal installments as often as I planned. Life leads us through a variety of winding paths,

5 Blues Chords You Must Learn!

Guitar Journal April 2016: This time around I’m talking about the rhythm side of the picture. You’ll learn a few of the less-typical

3 Weird Country Guitar Licks

Here are some "weird" country guitar licks that use chromatic motion to give them their odd sound. Like us on Facebook, send a message to get