The new site is officially launched on Dec. 15th, 2011 – thanks for visiting!

Along with the new site, I’ll be adding some free guitar lessons in this blog. This first free lesson is taken from DVD#2 of my new “Chord & Harmony Guide for Guitar Players”.

In this lesson, you’ll gain some insight into harmonizing melody notes to work out guitar parts with strong voice leading. Building a guitar part around a melodic line is a surefire way to create memorable guitar part. Try this out with other melodies, too. Just follow the chord progression and use your “tool box” of chord voicings to harmonize the line note by note. If your melody moves fast, try harmonizing only the notes that fall on strong beats, so the guitar part doesn’t become too “thick”. If your vocabulary of chord voicings is feeling anemic, then the “Chord & Harmony Guide” DVDs are just the right tonic. I hope you dig this lesson: