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JDM Pedals “Buzz Hound” Fuzz Pedal

Pulling out all the stops, it’s our first point-to-point wired pedal using all N.O.S. components. True bypass, but (currently) battery only with no LED. Careful testing revealed that comparisons with voltage inverter and LED did not pass a double blind test. So until we design a fully bypass-able voltage inverter (for power supplies) and LED matrix, this one’s’going raw and nude!

You will not find a better sounding Buzzaround style pedal. This pedal drops jaws with everyone who tests it. It’s going to melt your mind. A thick, rich sustain and gorgeous overtones that slide effortlessly into harmonically true feedback.

All new old stock capacitors, tested thoroughly to determine which sound best in each position, with all carbon composite resistors and vintage germanium transistors. It’s currently fitted with 3x Toshiba AC121, although we will offer other versions in the future. Getting the bias correct is key, and these AC121 hit it precisely.


  • All NOS parts, WIMA & paper-in-oil capacitors, carbon composite resistors, assembled point-to-point on turret board.
  • Toshiba AC121VI transistors. All auditioned for low noise and perfect operation.
  • Battery-only operation, no LED.
  • Gold Sparkle finish, UV printed graphics
  • Top mounted Lumberg jacks, power jack currently NOT connected – available for retrofit of fully-bypassable LED/Power section for live vs studio use. Email for details.