Feb 2nd, 2023: These bad boys are currently *sold out* – we will create another round of limited finish Muff-stortions based on our special recipe soon – so check back!

After recently building a custom order for a Muff-style distortion based on the legendary “Violet Ram’s Head”, version we were stoked about the look and sound and decided to offer a small run of custom finish pedals using this circuit. We’ll start with 10 units, and each will be a unique finish made by “swirling” enamel paints on water and “dipping” a powdercoated 1590BB enclosure.

This circuit takes the classic “Muff” fuzz/distortion and builds on that 4-transistor design. I do love the thick wall of fuzz-tortion a “Muff” creates, but am not always thrilled about how it fits into a mix. There’s all sorts of thump and sizzle going on, but often not enough dynamics and midrange.

With our mods, you can juice the circuit with a “Mid” control to add some guts and grind to the middle. Then roll back boomy lows with the “Density” control to carve out a more dynamic, overdrive-like distortion. Or just slam it full on and get that big wall of woof.

If you like stacking pedals, the “gain” switch (like our “Green/Mean” switch on he Green Meanie) allows you to switch out one gain stage. This lowers the overall amount of distortion and increases the dynamic headroom. Now the pedal stacks beautifully with other drives & fuzzes for a wide range of stacked tonal textures.

We’ve selected transistors to strike a balance between modern accuracy and vintage vibe. For the input and output stages we chose modern low noise 2N5088 transistors. The fuzz/distortion stages are loaded with “glob top” 2N3565 silicon transistors. One stage set to symmetrical and the other to asymmetrical clipping, they combine to create a thick wall of muff-a-licious fuzztortion that will put hair on your chest, like it or not.

Each one has a unique, one-off swirl dip and is numbered on the back panel. So – pick put a finish you like, and note the number in your order.

Assembled units #3, #2, #5 – left to right

Unit #04

Unit#6 * SOLD *

These pedals are built with top jacks (Lumberg), wired for true bypass, and are powered by a standard +9vDC power supply or an internal 9v battery (not included).