JDM “Elektrika – Silicon Edition” introductory sale:

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The JDM “Elektrika” has been a player favorite for a long time, but we often get requests for:

  • A slightly smaller footprint (1590B size instead of 125B)
  • A simplified control set
  • A silicon version, for those high-temperature situations where the germanium transistors aren’t functioning optimally.

So we decided to take all these points into account and create a more compact pedal that sounds absolutely SMOKING in all possible situations:

Enter the “Elektrika Silicon Edition”. Using low gain silicon transistors we are able to come close to the response of the germanium Elektrika, while still offering something unique in that silicon sound. The silicon edition is snappier in response with that typical bright silicon “splash” of fuzz, and can still use our mellow “Tone” control to hone the edge to fit your rig. Unlike the germanium big brother, the smaller “silicon edition” forgoes the “fat/tight” (aka “Mk1/Zonk”) switch and gate control, which are set internally for optimal performance.

This pedal is set at the “sweet spot” where the gating effect that the Zonk Machine is famous for just “crumbles off” at the end of sustain, as otherwise the silicon transistors can fall into oscillation. (If you prefer long sustain and more cleanup with your volume knob, I must recommend out standard Elektrika – Germanium can indeed be more forgiving!)

Thanks to Richie from Fret Junkies on YouTube for the review:

Returns/ Repairs:

RETURN POLICY: If you’re not satisfied with any JDM Pedal, you can return within 14 days for a refund (minus shipping and payment processing costs, which Paypal does not refund to us 🙁  If you encounter any functional problems with a pedal at any time just contact us! Since we use vintage transistors, it is possible that a transistor can fail, as rare as that is, and we’ll always do what it takes to get your beloved fuzz machine growling again.