JDM “Fuzz 292” Silicon Fuzz – 4-knob version (Vol/Bias/Tone/Pregain):

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What Makes The Fuzz 292 Stand Out From The Crowd?

The JDM Fuzz 292 is not your run of the mill fuzz pedal. We started the voyage to fuzz heaven with the circuit from the classic one knob Colorsound Fuzz.

That fuzz-box had just one control: Volume. UP for loud, DOWN for not so loud. The “fuzz” amount was simply set to max, and you would plug it in and rip. Fuzz amoun was controlled via your guitar’s volume knob. We like simplicity. But, we also like features. What to do? We tweaked the formula (transistors, filter capacitors, bias values, etc) to taste and brought in a few more essential controls for tailoring the tone.

The key to our “Fuzz 292″ is a 3-way voicing switch; treble-boosted fuzz, a standard moderate gain voicing, and high gain fuzz-fever freakout. So at the flick of a switch, you can change the overall character of the Fuzz 292 and how it reacts to your picking and guitar volume knob adjustments. Selected vintage transistors and hand wiring bring you one of the best sounding fuzzes you can find.

Two Models To Fit Your Exact Needs

In addition to the (naturally necessary) volume control and 3-way voicing switch, we added both a tone and bias control for a “3-knob Fuzz 292”. This is perfect for players who always control the amount of fuzz gain via their guitar.

We designed the tone control so it doesn’t reduce the gain or output of the pedal. Use this to tame the “brightness” of the fuzz, or let it all all through for a classic 70′s fuzz-fry.

The “bias” control lets you shape the character of the fuzz further. Bend the character from a smooth, overdrive-like fuzz into a gated, “ripping velcro” fuzz tone.

The “4-knob Fuzz 292” adds a gain control to the top panel. If you prefer to play with the volume on the guitar maxed out, or to have the fuzz gain dialed in to a particular level for a stomp-on-the-fly setting, this will fit your needs.

Custom Requests?

Want a different control configuration on your Fuzz 292? Just write to us and ask. We can customize the 3-way switch, add self-oscillation controls, and have a few other dirty tricks up our sleeves!

The Nitty Gritty

  • True bypass switching
  • High quality parts throughout – Alpha pots, Lumberg Jacks, Solid core input and output wiring, vintage source BC183 transistors, and some of that famous Berlin air trapped inside when we close ’em up. *Cough*
  • Custom hand-finished Translucent Red Powder Coating. Silkscreened Graphics.
  • 3 Position Fuzz “Voicing” selector lets you select treble-boosted fuzz, lower gain full range, or a blistering hi-gain mode.
  • Operates on standard +9vDC power supply / center negative -aka “Boss Style Power Supply” (not included) or 9v battery (not included)

Returns/ Repairs:

RETURN POLICY: If you’re not satisfied with any JDM Pedal, you can return within 14 days for a refund (minus shipping and payment processing costs, which Paypal does not refund to us 🙁  If you encounter any functional problems with a pedal at any time just contact us! Since we use vintage transistors, it is possible that a transistor can fail, as rare as that is, and we’ll always do what it takes to get your beloved fuzz machine growling again.