New for 2022: A wicked Germanium version of our “Humdinger” Octave-Fuzz pedal

Dipping into the devilishly delicious tone of germanium transistors pushed into overdrive, the Humdinger takes on an entirely new personality. The seraphic sheen of silicon disintegrates into the sweet, dark ooze of germanium. Oh yeah.

Garnish your infernal Hot Fuzz Sundae using the interactive “Tone” and “Texture” controls. Fork your fingers and crank the tonal texture from smooth Plutonian doom to feverish high-octave hysteria. The devil makes you do it.


– Dual pedal – JFET driven octave/boost & Germanium fuzz. **For you fuzz aficionados: The fuzz side is based on the TB MkII, modified with a modified version of Jack Orman’s AMZ tone control.

– Hand wired, Lumberg jacks, Alpha pots, vintage Germanium transistors & discrete JFET boost circuit.

– Powder-coated and enamel silkscreened road-worthy finish.