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**Updated design – Same Killer Tone!** 
The Humdinger now comes standard with Top Jacks

What is a “Humdinger”?

The JDM Humdinger is a switchable Octave/Fuzz pedal, in the tradition of the Foxx Tone Machine, but with a variety of mods/improvements. I’m a big fan of Octavia, the Foxx Tone Machine, and similar fuzz/octave pedals, but I have found that each one has a narrow “sweet spot” on the guitar where it sounds good, and the rest of the range leaves a lot to be desired.

So we took the octave circuit back to the drawing board. Using JFET preamp and output stages, the classic octave-up effect took on a new smoothness and started behaving better. It no longer dies away so quickly, and responds far better to volume pot changes on your guitar. The octave can be switched out, allowing you to use the octave side as a JFET boost to give the fuzz side a gain kick.

Please note – the “Grit” switch (Octave Up Side) from the original video been retired in favor of a “Tone Cut” switch, and the “Octave Up” side is wired with the grit switch “on”. It simply makes for a stronger octave effect. The tone cut switch allows you to have a tone roll-off already set when you switch in the octave. Generally, the octave up sounds best with a bit of tone rolled off, especially when pushing into the fuzz. With the switch, you have the option to set that to off in case you are playing a clean octave and want it a bit brighter.

The Fuzzy Side

The Humdinger fuzz section is a flexible Silicon Tonebender-style fuzz that cleans up exceptionally well with your guitar’s volume pot to provide classic rhythm tones. Cranked, it ranges from crispy, ripping-velcro fuzz tones to British rock style overdrive, adjustable with the “texture” knob. The input filter switch lets you “tighten up” the fuzz with a filter similar to what you get from putting a Rangemaster in front of a fuzz.

Needless to say, having a switchable octave/boost in front of the fuzz multiplies the tonal possibilities. This handmade, boutique quality dual-effect pedal won’t break your budget, and provides you with tones you won’t find elsewhere. Great with single coils, humbuckers, P90’s, etc. as the gain control has a wide range.

The Nitty, Gritty, Humdingery:

  • 1590BB enclosure, Top Jacks/Side Jacks – Please note this in your order or contact us!
  • True bypass switching
  • High quality parts throughout – Alpha pots, Lumberg Jacks, Solid core input and output wiring, short-shaft switches.
  • Hand-finished enclosure, Silkscreened Graphics.
  • Operates on standard +9vDC power supply / center negative -aka “Boss Style Power Supply” (not included) or 9v battery (not included). Power consumption approx 10mA.

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Here’s the Humdinger in action getting some FAT fuzz tones in a band setting:

Here’s another perspective on the Humdinger’s tones from a great player:

…And a Few Words From Happy Customers:

Reviews from Reverb.com – if the videos don’t have you convinced, here’s what people are saying:

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