News for JDM Pedals in 2020

First of all, thank you to everyone who has supported JDM Pedals. You’ve made this work not only by buying pedals, but by spreading the word, talking about us on social media, at guitar shops, gigs,and gangbangs, in online forums, and at the pop-shops. You’re the reason we’re expanding the shop in 2020. We are adding new pedals to the lineup and working hard to bring out more new and vintage-style pedals for working musicians.

New Workshop

The big news for 2020 is that we will expand our workshop in Berlin, Germany.  We will finally be able to handle more finishing work on enclosures, from drilling to silkscreening, to maintain our hand-finished aesthetic even as we increase production. More space also means more organization (I’ve heard of that stuff…) and therefore a better workflow. Please do let us know if you dig the hand-labeled look or if you think we should silkscreen more.

New Pedals

We are always on the hunt, and have added more vintage transistors to our shelves. This insures that the fuzzes you know and love will be available for more years to come. Additionally, we will offer some of the custom creations that customers have requested in the past years. These include hand-wired fuzz pedals using all black-glass vintage transistors, an analog chorus that will drench your music in tears of 80’s ballad liquid sorrow, a JFET boost of crunchy brown-sound godliness, and a transformer-driven bass pedal with insanely juicy upper-octave fuzz tones. Look for popular combination pedals in single enclosures, too.

New for 2020 – The JDM “Red Roaster”

Ready for launch first thing in the New Year is our “Red Roaster” Germanium Overdrive. A new design, the Red Roaster first hits your signal with a Germanium Rangemaster-style boost and filter, giving the tone a thick texture reminiscent of NWOBHM guitar sounds. Your tone is then roasted in a MOSFET tone stack that is highly interactive and designed to allow you to push the tone outside normal limits. From filthy phone-filter textures to germanium-smothered overdriven gravy, to full on spankings of amp-abusing grit, this pedal is meant to help you find guitar tones no one has ever heard before. The output is also Germanium-driven for a last bath in juicy discrete-transistor tone on the way out. If you want predictable vintage fuzz, look to our other offerings – this pedal is for players looking to sear their own outrageous tone into the rump of MUSICAL INFAMY!

Same Same

As we expand the pedal shop, we’ve decided that a few things are top priority:

– Maintaining our customer service. We realize it’s not just our pedals that make JDM work, it’s also because you can contact us any time. We’re here and reply quickly for support, repairs and custom requests. We’ve helped a few of you get through a simple repair and saved time and cost. We will always do this.

– Maintaining Quality: Our pedals are built to last, but also be repaired, not discarded. Discreet component assembly and hand wiring is time consuming, but makes for a pedal you keep for life. When you find a tone you love, we want you to always have it available. Our pedals change a bit over time, but we can always refurbish yours to original specs.

– Tone Obsession: We have a few “hit” pedals that are in high demand, and are looking to cook up new ones you’ve never heard before. The “Red Roaster” is the first example of a completely unique design, and there are more to come. Along with the new tones, we will also bring you more classic tones done our way. This means the vintage sounds you love but with more tweakable tones and concessions to modern amps and guitars.

Next Steps

We’ll be busy renovating our new space early in the year, but will still be operating, so drop us a line if you have questions or order requests. Stay tuned for pics of the new place in early January.

best regards

joe dochtermann