JDM Tonebender “OC Version”

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The JDM “Vindicator” (formerly “Tonemaster”) also wanted to get some special edition love, and we found just the right combination to bring something new to the party.

Back in the day, the Tonebender MK2 was built using OC81D transistors, which are known for having relatively low gain when compared to the usual Fuzzface fare like AC128, NKT275, etc. We found that new production DSI OC81D transistors are nicely low noise, but still produce a bit much gain if you want a dynamic MK2.

So, the “OC Vindicator” MK2 Fuzz side is built with two Telefunken OC602 and one Valvo OC75 for an excruciatingly vindictive vintage fuzz experience. The OC602 transistors were made by Telefunken in the 60’s and have *exactly* the right gain to make a perfect replacement for the OC81D.

Over on the boost side of the pedal lives a venerable OC44 transitor. The original, in all it’s glory – a Valvo black glass unit from the late 60’s. We’ve also updated the “EQ” control for an authentic Rangemaster EQ curve at the left, and a thicker extended-range boost at the right, aimed to push the fuzz side into spasms of stoner rock psychedelia.

This black beauty is finished in charcoal hammerite and marked with a single yellow enamel dot, reprezentin’ the OC602 Telefunken transistors inside. There’s so much groovy vintage tone insie, this pedal will flip your wig.

As usual, made with selected transistors, Lumberg jacks, handwired, silkscreened graphics, powered by +9vDC (internal analog voltage converter), pregain cut switch for more available sounds, and made entirely in the Love. Of. Fuzz.

Top-mounted Lumberg jacks