May 10, 2024:

We have a small supply of OC44 in the shop again, and will make just a few more of these pedals.

Production time is approx 2 weeks from order to shipment.

We get a lot of questions about how the OC44 or OC45 version is different from the OC75 version, the standard Elektrika, etc. Here are a few points:

OC75 are the most expensive transistors, hence the higher price. They were used in original Tone Benders, and demand the most attention when pedals are built with them! The gains tend to fall into that sweet spot, not too low, not too high, and they have a sweet and mean character when driven into fuzz sounds. HOWEVER

OC42, OC44, and OC45 ALSO fit the bill! These transistors were, until recently, available at a better price… but the word got out – they sound EXCELLENT in a fuzz box! OC44 can be a tad high gain, but by selecting the right ones, you get a killer fuzz right up there with the OC75’s. Is there a difference in sound? Yes… it’s in the realm of the subjective – OC44 sounds to my ears a bit more “gutsy” or “rude” than the OC75. This might translate into “more lower mids”, or “distorts sooner as you turn up the gain”.

OC42 – which we have only a few more transistors for now – has an amazing “clean up” with the guitar’s volume knob. Right up there with a fuzzface, no kidding. I don’t know exactly which parameter of the transistor causes this, let’s call it “magic sparkles”. Why not. They’re just great for that. They fuzz well, but have an almost “overdrive” character.

OC45 – These tend to be lower gain transistors, and I now like to blend OC45 and OC44 to get a fuller fuzz tone, but OC45 is perfectly fuzzy when maxed out, but has a lot more in-between… distortion/overdrive style sounds, and excellent cleanup, like the OC42, albeit a bit warmer, fluffier, less “clear and sparkly” like the OC42.

So there you go – that’s transistor cork-sniffing at it’s best. Prices of these pedals reflect the cost of transistors, not that you “pay more for a better sound”, which is nonsense. The Standard Elektrika is literally a steal at the moment – I got a killer price on a large batch of great transistors (80’s vintage) that make a killer fuzz, albeit a tad more “hi-fi” sounding than the OC series transistors. Turn that built in tone control down a bit and you get right into that warmer “vintage” tone area. Can’t beat it for a budget pedal, for road work, or a spare to lend a friend when dueling fuzzes!




A trio of black glass germanium transistors (OC43 & OC44) in a classy powdercoated & UV-printed enclosure (“light gold” finish) make this pedal stand out among TB MK1 replicas. With our added “Gate” and “Tone” controls as well as the “MK1/Zonk” switch, this pedal has all the vintage tone you have ever dreamed of with the added flexibility to tune in a variety of MK1 fuzz tones.

Top jacks and standard +9vDC powered (center negative). The internal analog voltage inverter makes it pedalboard ready.

Our “OC44 Edition Elektrika” is an absolute gem of a fuzz machine. Using 60’s vintage Valvo/Phillips black glass OC44 germanium transistors, this pedal brings the thunderous sound of the original MK1 Tonebender to another level. With increased output volume you won’t fight to get your fuzz level to sit right. The “Gate” control allows you to dial in exactly the right amount of sustain or “sticky fuzz” gating. Use the passive tone control to tame upper harmonics on brighter modern amps, trim the bass response with the MK1/Zonk switch – all practical, useful additions to this classic fuzz.


– Vintage OC-series Valvo “Black Glass” OC44 transistors

– Enclosure Size 125B, Powdercoated “Gold Sparkle” finish, UV Printed Graphics

– Powered by 9v “Block” battery, or +9vDC power jack. We have built in an analog 9v power inverter, so you may power this with a standard negative ground power supply! (aka “Boss Style” adapter). This means the pedal integrates seamlessly with modern pedalboards.

– All the trimmings: Hand wired, Top Jacks and input/output wired with solid-core vintage wire, low power consumption LED, “Fat/Tight” switch for MK1/Zonk Machine tones, and our custom Gate and Tone controls to dial in all the fuzz tones you dream about ;0)

Thanks for checkin it out!


* If you’re familiar with our “standard” Elektrika, you may wonder, “Why the price bump?” It comes down to the transistors. Vintage OC75 Valvo transistors are very hard to find, and prices are skyrocketing as supplies disappear. We’re lucky to have a few hundred of each, but even these won’t last long, as it takes about a dozen transistors to find the right values for one pedal! Our supply of transistors for our regular production “Elektrika” is still pretty healthy, but you may want to consider picking one of those up, too ;0)

Returns/ Repairs:

RETURN POLICY: If you’re not satisfied with any JDM Pedal, you can return within 14 days for a refund (minus shipping and payment processing costs, which Paypal does not refund to us 🙁  If you encounter any functional problems with a pedal at any time just contact us! Since we use vintage transistors, it is possible that a transistor can fail, as rare as that is, and we’ll always do what it takes to get your beloved fuzz machine growling again.