JDM Pedals offers a Germanium Rangemaster-style boost pedal starting at $125 – this is not some sort of low budget build, we simply love to offer one of the “foundation” pedalboard gems at a fair price. Get to know JDM Pedals – you will never look back. Simply email us with your transistor preference after ordering (see options noted below).

Order the JDM “OC Boost” Standard 2-knob version (not pictured – just imagine it without the toggle!)

Order the JDM “OC Boost” w/ added 3 position tone switch:

The Classic Guitar Effect

The basic feature set is the “boost” control (naturally), and the “Range” control (taken from our JDM Tonemaster “EQ” control) which varies from a chunky, full range boost to a classic treble boost. Clapton used the treble boost style Rangemaster for his immortal “Beano” sound, whereas Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath used a modified “full range boost” to acheive his proto-metal sounds. Our boost features an adjustable EQ range, from full-range to treble boost so you have all the options.

A Variety Of Tones – At A Modest Price

The really cool part is you pick your OC series vintage transistor – the finesse of an OC71? The Classic OC75? The crunchy OC44? We also have OC72, OC83, OC602, and OC304 in stock. After ordering, let us know which transistor you prefer. Email for a full list of what we currently have available. We’re lucky enough to be in Europe and have come across well kept stocks of the originals, so take advantage.

We can add a power supply jack, and the circuit can also be daisy-chained with other standard pedals, as we will include an analog voltage inverter.

 More flexibility

For an additional $15, add a 3-way top-cut switch (pictured above). This allows you to shave off some of the highest frequencies, which can sound a bit “harsh” or “brittle” on some modern amp/speaker combinations. It’s a 3-position switch with center off. The other two positions we set to “just take off the edge” in one position (can help cut hiss or interference if you experience it at a gig). The second cut “warms up” the tone, just right for brighter American amps (Fender, Boogie…). Alternately, we can set the cut to go deeper, creating a prominent mid boost. You let us know, we customize.

Drop us a line, and get your tone on!


Naturally, anyone who is getting a handmade vintage Germanium boost pedal at this quality and price is in seventh heaven. We won’t quote from emails, since that always seems fake. Here’s a good example, from our seller page on Reverb.com:

Our Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: First of all, at this price and quality, no one in their right mind would return one of these boost pedals. They will be worth double in just a few years. However, If you’re not satisfied with any JDM Pedal, you can return within 14 days for a refund minus our packing and shipping costs ($10) If you order more than one pedal, you can return any for no fee whatsoever if you keep at least one. We guarantee our pedals for 2 years – so if you have any problems down the road, let us know.