I want to thank everyone who has ordered one of the “OC Series” Elektrika fuzz pedals. These have been an absolute joy to build and send out to pedalboards all around the world, and the feedback has made me a truly happy pedal builder!

The latest acquisition is a batch of Philips/Mullard OC45 transistors, and they definitely measure up to the standards set by the previous OC75, OC44, and OC42 versions (a few of those pedals are still available – email for details). There will be only 25 of these pedals available, strictly limited by the supply of these excellent transistors.

We’ve settled on a “Goldtop Les Paul” style finish for this edition, a sparkle gold that is more consistent and durable than the hammerite and also allows much better print quality:

Comparing Our Different Elektrika Editions

It’s always difficult to find the right descriptions for the tonal differences between these pedals, but let me try to make a rough comparison so you can get an idea of where the OC45 edition fits in the mix:

OC75 Edition: A brighter, buzzier fuzz than the ’44 and ’42, doesn’t clean up as well as the others, but for that a bit of a wilder, trashier, smashier fuzz when gain is cranked. A good choice for humbucking pickups to get a 70’s fuzz / proto-punk sound. Wide “Gate” control range. This creates Mick Ronson / early Bowie tones so well, there’s something special in the OC75, just a tad “grainy” or something… hard to put a finger on it, exactly.

OC44 Edition: Great low mid presence, excellent for fattening up single coils, and really “blooms out” in sustain and controlled feedback as well. When cranked, it feels like it’s creating more punch, more pressure than buzzy fuzz. I’d grab this first for Stooges-style low-down mean and dirty riffing.

OC42 Edition: These Mullard metal can OC42 have very low leakage, making for a more fickle “Gate” control, but its also more temperature stable. I love how this cleans up with the guitar’s volume – great low gain sounds with warmth and clarity, and sings beautifully when dimed. Hard to beat this as an all-arounder. Somehow feels more “hi fidelity” that the previous two. Definitely the quietest.

OC45 Edition: This lives somewhere between the others – the OC45 have quite low leakage, like the OC42, but the character is just a bit leaner in the lows than the OC44 (in MK1 mode, mind, all versions do get a nice low-end trim in “Zonk” mode) and doesn’t feel as “grungy” as the OC44, and cleans up better than the OC75 version. A great upper-midrange fuzziness that doesn’t ever feel harsh, and with loads of sustain as long at the gate control is not down too far. Great for QOTSA style tones, with good definition on complex chords.