***UPDATE: May 3rd, 2023 – **SOLD OUT** As always, I’m on the lookout for more OC75, but next up is an OC45 version of the Elektrika, We are running low on the OC44 version – and seriously, do not miss the quite amazing Mullard “Red Dot” OC42 version.

Here’s an updated picture – the original post and description is below:

Vintage Transistor Porn: OC75 “Black Glass”

Over the years, we’ve created quite a few custom pedals, and we’re going to offer some of our favorites in a limited series of pedals.

We will begin with a most delicious version of our “Elektrika” pedal, taken to the extreme of vintage tone. A trio of OC-series transistors (OC75) and a gorgeous hammered-gold finish with silkscreened graphics make this pedal stand out among TB MK1 replicas. With out added “Gate” and “Tone” controls as well as the “Fat/Tight” switch, this pedal has all the vintage tone you have ever dreamed of with the added flexibility to tune in any MK1 Fuzz tone you desire.

* If you’re familiar with our “standard” Elektrika, you may wonder, “Why the price bump?” It comes down to the transistors. Vintage OC75 Valvo transistors are very hard to find, and prices are skyrocketing as supplies disappear. We were lucky to have a few hundred, but these didn’t last long last long, as it takes about a dozen transistors to find the right values for one pedal! Our supply of transistors for our regular production “Elektrika” is still pretty healthy, but you may want to consider picking one of those up in any case! ;0)


– Vintage OC-series Valvo “Black Glass” OC75 transistors

– Enclosure Size 125B, Finished in Gold Hammerite, Silkscreened Graphics

– Powered by 9v “Block” battery, or +9vDC power jack. We have built in an analog 9v power inverter, so you may power this with a standard negative ground power supply! (aka “Boss Style” adapter). This means the pedal integrates seamlessly with modern pedalboards.

– All the trimmings: Hand wired, Top Jacks and input/output wired with solid-core vintage wire, low power consumption LED, “Fat/Tight” switch for MK1/Zonk Machine tones, and our custom Gate and Tone controls to dial in all the fuzz tones you dream about…

Thanks for checkin it out!