“Blue Velvet” 3-Knob / Side Jacks

“Blue Velvet” 4-Knob / Top Jacks

Presenting: The JDM “Blue Velvet” Germanium Fuzz. Oh yeah.

Our “Fuzz 292” has been a customer favorite for years. As versatile and dynamic as the Fuzz 292 is, it is a silicon fuzz, and we’ve been searching for the right formula for a Germanium fuzz, which is a fickle beast. Knowing we wanted to achieve a fuzz tone that will satisfy Tonebender Mk1.5 and Fuzzface aficionados, we had our work cut out for us.

Too much gain and Germanium loses dynamics and becomes dull and uninspiring, not enough and it just doesn’t have that fuzz-faced edge that players thrive on. Having recently acquired a significant supply of vintage Toshiba and Siemens transistors in the right gain ranges, we can finally offer an amazing sounding and consistent-performing Germanium Fuzz.

Finding that sweet, fuzzy spot!

***It’s worth noting that most players leave the Gain on a fuzzface dimed, and control the fuzz amount via their Guitar’s volume control. This led us to develop the “Fuzz 292 Red”, which departs from a classic fuzz circuit by wiring for max gain and you control it from your guitar. There are, however, more tonal shades to be had by using a pre-gain control, which we added to the “Fuzz 292 Blue” and the 4-knob version of the “Blue Velvet” Fuzz.

The “Blue Velvet” uses the same 3-way voicing switch as the fuzz 292, fine tuned for this Germanium-driven circuit. We offer a 3-knob, side jack version in a standard 1590B enclosure. These controls are Volume, Vibe (Bias control) and Velvet (a tone control) as well as the 3-way voicing switch. The slightly larger 4-knob “Blue Velvet” is housed in a slightly larger enclosure, allowing use to use top-mounted jacks to save you precious pedalboard space. The additional “Gain” control adds a wider range of sounds, from straight fuzz, to a more overdrive-like growl. Compare the “lo” gain switch position with “Gain” control cranked to “hi” position with the “Gain” control rolled back – the first is classic fuzz, the second creates a smoother fuzz voice that can, of course, go to 11 with the gain control dimed.

We’re now offering this pedal for sale, with a YouTube demo coming ASAP.