Order the JDM “Vindicator” Germanium Fuzz/Boost:

New Design

JDM Pedals ‘Vindicator” Design Update 2020 – Sanded Aluminum Natural Finish w/ Silkscreened Graphics.

About The JDM Vindicator

The “Vindicator” is our flagship guitar pedal; a combination Rangemaster-style treble booster and Tonebender-style fuzz. (Note if you heard about it through the grape vine, this pedal was previously called “Tonemaster”.) We chose the name “Vindicator” for a few reasons, first and foremost as a homage to the classic album “Vindicators” by Arthur Lee, on which my dear departed friend, the great Charlie Karp, recorded stunning guitar performances.

The combination of our improved versions of the Rangemaster- and Tonebender-style circuits offers an impressive palette of sounds. You can create everything from a mild and creamy boost/overdrive tones to sizzling tonebender fuzz, and on into stupid-ill fuzz/octave/alien ESP reception mayhem. Simply put, you will love the tones you can create with this beast.

We assemble the “Vindicator” by hand, using vintage European and Russian Germanium transistors. Even though we use vintage PNP transistors, it is powered by a standard negative ground PSU, which means it can share a power supply with all your other pedals. Battery power is possible with a standard 9v battery (clip inside).

A set of boutique quality Rangemaster and Tonebender pedals will normally set you back $300-400, therefore, at $159.00; this is a a seriously sweet deal for two killer effects in one pedal. We cut no corners, either. By designing the circuits to fit together in one case, we have fused two killer sounding classic tones into one pedal at an awesome price.


We ship worldwide and shipping included in the order price.
Our pedals are handmade, tuned, and each pedal is tested and tweaked for optimal tone (transistor selection is key).
The “JDM Vindicator” Features:

  • True bypass switching
  • “Rangemaster” and “Tonebender” style circuits separately switchable
  • “Rangemaster” circuit includes Boost and EQ knobs – EQ knob allows you to dial in a classic treble boost, a full-range boost, and varying degrees in between.
  • “Tonebender” circuit includes Fuzz, Bias, and Volume (Output) for an incredible range of fuzz sounds from mild and creamy to just plain rude. Remember to lower your guitar volume a tad for maximum “fuzz” reactivity! Classic tones from searing fuzz to tight overdrive and chunky distortion.
  • All Germanium transistors – A combination of selected Russian Military and Vintage European transistors is selected for each unit. No cutting corners – every unit is fine tuned by ear.
  • The pedal can be powered by 9v battery or standard center-negative power supply (not included).


We’ve shipped many of these pedals, and almost everyone raves about not only the tone, but the variety of tones. Two customers have bought a second one because they feared having it stolen or losing it and being without their new favorite tone. But don’t only take our word for it – here’s some feedback from eBay and Reverb.com:

Some More Information

In this video, Sasha runs through some tones on a few of our fuzz pedals – he has a light touch and great phrasing – our pedals do ‘doom’ and ‘stoner’ tones just as well as blues and soul!

Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: If you’re not satisfied with any JDM Pedal, you can return within 14 days for a refund minus our packing and shipping costs ($10) If you order more than one pedal, you can return any for no fee whatsoever if you keep at least one. We guarantee our pedals for 2 years – so if you have any problems down the road, let us know!