Learn To Play C6 Lap Steel 2 DVD or Download Video Set

Above is my YouTube video of “SleepWalk” on the Lap Steel – this shows the style of the DVD lessons. The arrangement for Sleep Walk is included in your order!

This 2 DVD (or Download Video) “Learn To Play C6 Lap Steel Guitar” set runs approx. 5 hours.

DVD#1 begins with well-structured lessons teaching you the basics of left and right hand technique, major and minor chord forms, scales, bar slants, behind-the-bar bends (ala pedal steel), dominant chords, and licks and chord moves.  You will be a capable Lap Steel Player after studying this first course

The example songs “Amazing Grace”, “Green Grass of Home” and Sleep Walk are included on DVD#1

DVD#2 continues with more example performances and backing tracks. (Note that DVD#2 includes the end of DVD#1 s you don’t miss any example pieces!) including a slow Blues, an uptempo Rock/Blues, a typical Pop song structure with minor chords and a bridge, and a fast Western Swing in the Style of “Steeling Home”, that I call “Stealing Helmes”, in tribute to Don Helmes, the father of C6 lap steel guitar!

The camera view is over-the-shoulder, so you see the lap steel on screen as you see yours in your lap. A comprehensive Ebook is included, as well as audio examples to go with the eBook – there are even additional examples in the eBook to help you expand your knowledge of scales and licks without making the videos endlessly long.

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NOTE: ALL orders include the Ebook “Learn To Play C6 Lap Steel” as seen in our eBooks section.

If you feel like starting with just DVD#1 to be sure you like it (you will!) or if you are already familiar with C6 lap steel and only want the more challenging lessons, links to order are below:

A lot of people ask where to get the proper strings for C6 Lap Steel Tuning –

Look no further – they are only $6.99 (!!) on Amazon. I can”t find a better price anywhere else, and they are the proper gauge GHS strings.

These are the strings I use, and haven’t had one break on me, nor have they gone dull sounding after 2 years.

best, joe

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