The One Scale Every Guitarist MUST Know!

Has he gone mad? Are you kidding me – one scale?! Don’t I need my modes, major and minor pentatonic scales, not to mention harmonic and melodic minor, their modes, the diminished and altered scales, and…

O.K., hang on. I’m not saying you need NO OTHER scales, but if you’re gonna use one scale a lot, it’s gonna be this one.

And no, it’s not the chromatic scale. But almost it has similarities. In fact, it’s a ten-note scale.

In the video, I explain and give examples as to how and why this one scale makes up so much of what we hear in rock, country, blues, and even jazz music. It’s simply “musical”. It comes from the need to make expressive melodic lines; the need for “in between” notes. Starting form the theory side won’t get you far.

The video does the raving and explaining, but here’s the scale as a reference: