*In stock, ships from Maine, USA*

JDM Pedals is now offering a selection of excellent quality, vintage PNP Germanium Transistors for your DIY Fuzz pedal build.

These are the choice for “classic” Fuzz project builds, generally battery-powered, as they require a positive ground circuit. *We will be offering a finished voltage inverter add-on soon*

  • Two Vintage Toshiba brand AC121 Germanium transistors – these are the higher gain range of the kit, 110 -140.
  • Two European made ACY23 Germanium transistors. These are selected for gain from 60-80,
  • Two Tungsram AC125 Germanium Transistors. These are increasingly hard to get, and are deemed a “direct replacement for the OC75”

The transistors have been selected and checked to determine gain (Hfe) and leakage (Icb). Gain of each transistor is clearly labeled.

***Please note that the picture shows the tester and a bunch of transistors while sorting. You will receive five selected transistors – not what is pictured! (actually, I always put in six, just on the off chance one is noisy, which is rare anyway)

The ACY23 transistors have extremely low leakage, and a perfect gain range for “Q1” in a fuzz build. The AC121 Toshiba transistors are best suited for Q2/Q3 positions, and are the higher gain of the set will have “just the right leakage” for Q3 in a Tonebender. The AC125 create a thick fuzz sound that we find is a perfect foil to the other two transistor types.

Please note that we don’t supply the other parts you need for a complete build in this kit, we are supplying high quality, tested transistors to help ensure your project has the best performance and tone possible. ** If you’d like our ready-made voltage inverter daughterboard, please check our other offerings, or contact us. This allows you to run a classic PNP (positive ground) fuzz on standard +9vDC power.**