he JDM Pedals “Cascade Tremolo” is not just a simple tremolo, but more of an “amp-in-a-box” type pedal, giving you sounds very much like a Fender Princeton Amp, or other vintage tube combo with tremolo. We’ve designed the pedal to be VERY reactive to your playing. Not only do the cascaded MOSFET preamp stages provide a tube-like sensitivity to your playing dynamics, the tremolo also reacts dynamically - crank it and hit a chord and the tremolo “ducks” the chord before swelling up again, letting rhythm parts come clear when you dig in. Pick lighter, and the tremolo comes through- this is JUST the way the great old tube combos “feel” when you play. The master volume and double-speed switch make possible a wider range of overdrive sounds and tremolo effects than a vintage amp can do, especially at modest volumes! Our pedals are hand-assembled, feature true bypass, and use top quality components throughout. The MOSFET preamp and output stages provide high input impedance and low output impedance, keeping the tone clear and present even with long cable runs.