This post is for a custom drilled “Tall 1590B” enclosure. Please tell us how you prefer the enclosure to be drilled – if you don’t have precise measurements, we can create the drill pattern based on your specs. Please indicate:

– Top jacks or Side jacks

– Power supply connector top or side

– Number of potentiometer controls

– Number of switches

– We can then figure out internal spacing to accommodate the circuit board, footswitch, battery, LED bezel and all potentiometer & switch controls. Please note that if you go for a fully tricked-out, feature laden pedal *including internal battery* there may not be enough space! We can upgrade you to a 125B size enclosure. Just contact us!

A plain aluminum 1590 B size enclosure, polished surface, for DIY Pedal Projects. Size approx 112 x 60 x 35 mm – slightly taller than Hammond 1590B, which is excellent for DIY projects.

Please note: We only sell enclosures in combination with DIY kits, as we use the same stock for our production pedals, and supplies are limited! Thanks :0)