On this DVD, which is based on our long-time favorite ebook “Master the Fretboard”, guitarists learn how to open up their view of the guitar neck and learn to follow their ears instead of their fingers. The lessons teach a complete view of the guitar fretboard using real-world, useable examples for your guitar playing. It has some similarities with the “CAGED” system, but also teaches players how to use intervals for “color” when soloing – this enables players to get away from pattern-based playing and be able to play “what’s in your head”.

The concepts presented will have you understanding chords, scales, and arpeggios as one, and able to find the notes you need all across the fretboard. After ordering you will be provided with download info to access the accompanying ebook/audio lessons as well.

Includes 1/2 hour of professional guitar setup tips applicable to all guitars.

Released 2010; 150 min.