JDM Pedals “Limited Edition” Elektrika

These have been by far our most popular pedals, and the search is on to find the proper vintage germanium transistors to get “that sound”. This run is built using incredibly rich sounding and at the same time low leakage & stable OC42 Mullard transistors. These are the coveted “Red Dot” Mullard transistors, which have a red dot on the metal cover over the glass tube, and a white collector dot. These are very quiet when your volume is turned down, and create a rich fuzz when cranked – a hair less gain than the Valvo Black Glass, but trading that “hairiness” for a rich, 3D clarity.


  • All vintage Mullard OC42 “Red Dot” germanium transistors.
  • Internal analog voltage inverter, allowing power standard +9vDC, center negative (“Boss Style”) power supplies for easy integration into modern pedalboards
  • All of our Tonebender MK1 mods, as featured on the Elektrika (Gate & Tone controls, Fat/Tight Switch)
  • Gold Hammerite finish, hand printed black silkscreened graphics