JDM Pedals “Limited Edition” Elektrika – OC45

This run is built using Philips/Mullard OC45 transistors, and tonally these have shown themselves perfectly suited to the Elektrika circuit. Lower noise than the OC44, with gain characteristics closer to the OC75, these fall neatly “in the middle” of those two pedals. An optimal all-around perfect fuzz for stage and recording.


  • All vintage Valvo/Mullard OC45 “Red Dot” germanium transistors.
  • Internal analog voltage inverter, allowing power standard +9vDC, center negative (“Boss Style”) power supplies for easy integration into modern pedalboards
  • All of our Tonebender MK1 mods, as featured on the Elektrika (Gate & Tone controls, Fat/Tight Switch)
  • Gold Sparkle finish, indelible UV printed graphics