JDM Pedals “Fuzz 292” / 4-knob Version

JDM Pedals “Fuzz 292” / 4-knob Version


JDM Pedals “Fuzz 292” Silicon Fuzz pedal. FF style circuit with modern options.


Our Kickass Silicon Fuzz Pedals – Made in classic Fuzzface style with a few modern twists to not only reduce noise and interference, but to allow you to alter the “voice” of the Fuzz; a classic “Lo” mode, a 70’s style “Treble” mode (with a snarky bite great for Humbuckers), and a modern “Hi” mode that will get you into Stoner Rock territory. Use the “Gain” control to cool off the input to the fuzz, also prevents high output pickups from mushing out the fuzz.

The 4-knob Version controls are Volume/Bias/Pregain/Tone. Enclosure size is a “tall” 1590B.

Vintage BC109 and BC183 transistors provide articulate tone, and careful tuning of the circuit allows “sparkling” cleanup as you back off on your guitar’s volume pot.

Handmade and fine tuned to create the grooviest Silicon Fuzz tone around.


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