JDM Pedals “Green Meanie” Germanium / Silicon Hybrid Distortion “Muff Style”

JDM Pedals “Green Meanie” Germanium / Silicon Hybrid Distortion “Muff Style”


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The Green Meanie is a Muff-style distortion featuring a switchable lo/high (Green/Mean) gain switch, as well as additional density and mid controls to tweak your tone to fit your rig and personal taste. Germanium & Silicon hybrid, using not just diodes, but a germanium transistor.

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The Big Muff has been a cornerstone of rock guitar tones from Hendrix, to Pink Floyd, through the Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, and on and on…

However, I’ve never been a big fan of the Big Muff. The extreme distortion sometimes makes the guitar seem to get *quieter* when you kick it in – all dynamics are lost! The lack of midrange adds to the problem. What we were looking for is something with that Muff “grind”, but with more dynamics; something that sounds good at lower volume levels. BUT, once in a while a completely saturated sound comes in handy (that’s my studio roots!)

So after months of breadboarding, prototyping, swearing, quitting pedals forever, getting angrily drunk, then renewing the quest for the ultimate Muff, the “Green Meanie” was born.

Not meant to look pretty, the ‘Meanie is capable of creating everything from a hint of 60’s fuzz to bone marrow melting hot lava high gain sounds. The Germanium first stage takes care of the softer, juicier side, and he silicon second stage adds the “tightness” and “punch” in however much you need. Swap from “Green” to “Mean” with the toggle, and use the Tone, Density, and Mid knobs to tailor your tone to taste.

Hand wired, true bypass, vintage transistors, high tolerance components, shielded inputs and outputs, and hand finished and silkscreened for that “not too perfect” look. The “Green Meanie” is a work of sonic art.


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