JDM Pedals “Limited Edition” Elektrika

This will be our fourth run of the “Limited Edition Elektrika”, units #2024/01-10 using Vintage Mullard OC75 & OC76 transistors. Only ten available until we can source more transistors!


  • All vintage “long can” transistors manufactured by Mullard. As great sounding as they are rare.
  • Internal analog voltage inverter, allowing power standard +9vDC, center negative (“Boss Style”) power supplies for easy integration into modern pedalboards
  • All of our Tonebender MK1 mods, as featured on the Elektrika (Gate & Tone controls, Fat/Tight Switch)
  • Gold Hammerite finish, hand printed graphics
  • Top mounted power and I/O jacks, all Lumberg quality

Our standard Elektrika has received a lot of online attention and positive reviews already, but I must say, this baby sounds simply amazing. This run will be 10 units – first come, first serve. Available NOW!