**These are currently sold out – please send a message if you are keen on having a LTD Vindicator, we’re considering a second run, using all Mullard OC41, OC75, and OC45 transistors.

Our fan-fave JDM Vindicator pedal gets a special edition using all black glass transistors.

The MK2 Fuzz side is built with two Telefunken OC602 and one Valvo OC75 for an excruciatingly vindictive vintage fuzz experience. The Germanium boost (Rangemaster circuit) contains an original OC44 black glass Valvo transistor.

Finished in black hammerite and marked with a single yellow enamel dot, reprezentin’ the OC602 Telefunken transistors inside. So much groovy vintage tone, so many tones you can cook up, this pedal will flip your wig.

As usual, made with selected transistors, Lumberg jacks, handwired, silkscreened graphics, powered by +9vDC (internal analog voltage converter), pregain cut switch for more available sounds, and made entirely in the Love of Fuzz!