JDM Pedals Limited Edition “JDM Mk2” Tonebender MkII Style Vintage Fuzz

Built with Vintage 2N1305 Texas Instruments Germanium transistors


  • 3x 2N1305/2N1307/2N1309  T.I. metal can/gold lead germanium transistors. Absulutely smoking MK2 tone, and in fair supply, so we can offer this at a reasonable price for the moment!
  • Internal analog voltage inverter, allowing power standard +9vDC, center negative (“Boss Style”) power supplies for easy integration into modern pedalboards
  • Standard Vintage TB Mk2 circuit, with added bias and “vintage true/modified” switch for added flexibility.
  • “Gold Hammerite” finish, hand printed black silkscreened graphics, hand wired and made with love!

Production time about 2 weeks order to shipping. Ships with tracking to worldwide from Berlin, Germany. Don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions!