JDM Pedals “OC Boost” – add Top Cut Switch

JDM Pedals “OC Boost” – add Top Cut Switch


JDM Pedals “OC Boost”. Rangemaster Style Germanium Boost pedal, including selectable “top cut” switch.



The basic feature set is the “boost” control (naturally), and the “Range” control (taken from our JDM Tonemaster “EQ” control) which varies from a chunky, full range boost to a classic treble boost.

The really cool part is you pick your OC series vintage transistor – the finesse of an OC71? The Classic OC75? The crunchy OC44? We also have OC72, OC83, OC602, and OC602 in stock. Email for a full list of what else might be currently in stock.

This version adds add a 3-way top-cut switch, allowing you to shave off some of the highest frequencies, which can sound a bit “harsh” or “brittle” depending on your amp/speakers. It’s a 3-position switch with center off. The other two positions we set to “just take off the edge” in one position (can help cut hiss or interference if you experience it at a gig). The second cut “warms up” the tone, just right for brighter American amps (Fender, Boogie…). Alternately, we can set the cut to go deeper, creating a prominent mid boost. You let us know, we customize.


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