JDM Pedals “OC Boost” Custom Version

JDM Pedals “OC Boost” Custom Version


JDM Pedals “OC Boost”. Rangemaster Style Germanium Boost pedal, including selectable “top cut” switch.



Classic Rangemaster Boost with additional controls – Limited Edition / Currently Available Transistors

* According to discussion with Joe prior to ordering!

Controls:  “Boost” level (naturally), “EQ” control, 3-way top cut switch

The “EQ” control gradually blends in more lows to the classic treble-only boost as you turn it up. Fully counterclockwise, you have a classic Rangemaster. Fully clockwise, you have the modification that Iommi famously used for Black Sabbath recordings. Instead of switching these, we implemented a blend control, so you can find the optimal setting for your rig.

The top cut switch allows you to either cut just the very highest treble, which can just trim extraneous white noise above the guitar’s naturaly frequencies. The “Mo'” position cuts into upper harmonics which can sound harsh with modern amps or when combining the boost with fuzz or drive pedals. Perfect!


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