The DVDs run over 5 hours total, with tons of well-structured info, from the basics of left and right hand technique, major and minor chord forms, scales, bar slants, behind-the-bar bends (ala pedal steel), dominant chords, licks and chord moves, and six example pieces with example performance and backing tracks. The camera view is over-the-shoulder, so you see the lap steel on screen as you see yours in your lap. Scroll down for our YouTube video of “SleepWalk” on the Lap Steel – this shows the style of the DVD lessons.
All examples are shown in tablature and notation onscreen, and in the eBook as well. The Ebook (which is included on the data portion of the DVD) includes additional MP3 files, and does include the tabs (printable) for the main DVD examples, as well as a variety of further examples within the chapters for further study (with audio and tabs for those, of course as well).