Drum Tuning and Recording Tips – Using the Ludwig Breakbeats Kit

Drum fun with Msr. Adrian Bang of French Psych-rock giants Aqua Nebula Oscillator! We go through all the fine details… some idiosyncrasies of the Ludwig Breakbeats kit, tuning the drums, adjusting the snare tone, choosing microphones, and so on. You can jump to 14:30 to hear the results. This is just 3 microphones! Naturally adding a close mic here or there could be the right thing for your project, but this 3 mic technique (when the kit is tuned and the player is great) will give you realism and clarity. Apologies for the difference in level between voices and drums… this wasn’t a planned shoot, but what Adrian started doing was so insightful I just had to grab the camera and roll.

We were both psyched about the tone we managed to get from the amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) Ludwig Breakbeats kit. With the right tuning and a good player, this little kit is a BEAST! If you are pressed for space, or perhaps just want a small kit for easy gigging, consider picking one up – they record well and sound great live for almost any style of music.