Check out this great review of my band’s latest album!

It’s been a challenge balancing music with family and work during the pandemic, and bandleader & frontperson Dawn Lintern has been climbing the walls in anticipation of a gig… someday, somehow. With music life on an indeterminable pause, it makes such a heartfelt, in-depth review all the more rewarding.

We had just started mixing when the pandemic took control, and after a short pause we resumed socially-distanced mixing. I’d be lying if I said the apocalyptic frame of working in lockdown didn’t somehow resonate with many of the tracks on the album. Even more so, the sudden sense of not knowing when and if you could finish working provided a focus on the songs that can all too often be lost in the fiddly details of tweaking mixes. The story of each song demanded clarity, and as difficult as mixing can be, this gave us a unique thread that pulled us through much of the first wave of lockdown.

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