The Chord & Harmony Guide For Guitarists

These video lessons teach harmony theory, a wide vocabulary of chords, and loads of tips and tricks for applying this knowledge to your playing. Many guitarists understand some music theory, but still find themselves “stuck in a rut” with the same simple bar chords and open position chords that we all learn at the outset of our guitar playing journey. With these lessons, you’ll gain a more guitar-oriented understanding of music theory, and a “tool box” of ideas that you can draw on when coming up with your own guitar parts. Includes the “Chord & Harmony Guide” PDF/audio Ebook ($10 here on the site) which provides more examples, tabs, diagrams, and ideas. This is a VERY complete course!

Here is a partial list of topics covered in the DVDs:

    • How chords are built – understanding triads
    • Bar chords based on all the basic open chords, and how they relate
    • Added and suspended chords. Explained in example progressions.
    • Chord progressions and cadences. This topic recurs as we move through more complex chords, and will be very helpful to songwriters and composers.
    • 7th chords and why they work – tension and resolution. Movable 7th chord shapes
    • 7th chords in action. How 7th chords help chord motion, and how melodic lines can “create” 7th chords. Great for riff writers!
    • Major and minor 9th and 13th chords.
    • Dominant 9th and 13th chords.
    • “Dressing up” a simple 12 bar Blues using extended chords
    • Enhancing chords with the 6th, using open strings
    • Embellishing chords with rhythmic/melodic ideas (ala´Hendrix-style)
    • Harmonizing melodic lines (see youtube example lesson below)
    • Diminished chords in use.
    • b5 substitutions/half step approaches/secondary dominants
    • Jazz Blues Progression, combined lesson with creating chord melodies
    • Quartal harmony (and lots of uses for it!)
    • More more more! You will dig it…

There are nearly 8 hours of lessons, most of are in 15 minute segments, making all these heavy topics easier to digest. The goal of each lesson is always to get you using the ideas in your playing!

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