The Great Pleasures in Music

I apologize for not posting Guitar Journal installments as often as I planned. Life leads us through a variety of winding paths, and led me to playing the David Bowie Tribute Concert in Berlin on Jan. 8th, 2017, which has led to a variety of other gigs. Too much studio and camera time will make you nuts, and getting on stage is just exhilarating, as always. So, here are a couple videos from our performance in tribute to the great David Bowie.

The band was a phenomenal amalgam of professional musicians from across Europe. Please see the video credits, but special thanks go to Brian Burgess and Pia Goosens for making the show happen, and Laura Guidi for being an amazing singer, inviting me into the band on one rehearsal AND lending me her jacket!

Without Thorsten Quaeschning we would not have pulled off Life On Mars… thanks ‘Q’ for your quick jump in and transposing from D to F in your head on the fly! With a packed gig, and one rehearsal, we are happy with the results. Cheers, joe